In the heat of the moment i let my ego lead, pulling my freed and light spirit down by tying it along to their every word. I had to be patient with my reactions and feelings. My ego jumped ahead, and i suffered through it. I tried to avoid the feelings and lift myself but my attempts only focused more on my negative thoughts. I didn’t let it bypass. I reflect days later trying to find an escape from this guarded ego that has tied my spirit to this unforgotten moment. Now it relishes itself in this opportunity to blame others, while I struggle to make peace.

I always find it interesting how quick we are to believe that the glimpse we see of someone is their entire being. We render a life that is in the process of constant change and evolution into a static idea we frame in our heads.

Indigo Williams (via thestufflifeismadeof)

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United Church of Rowayton by Joseph Salerno

The timber is so expertly handled that one is unaware of the high degree of engineering required to achieve the contours.

Over and over people, including the media are encouraging you not to judge and compare yourself. However, that positive encouragement is trumped by the continuous reinforcement of a certain image, and often I find myself slipping. This is an example of that slipping. 

When I first took this picture in 2011, I thought the original was gorgeous! I revisited the picture a week ago, and decided that I would touch it up to see if I could achieve the “advertisement” look in an attempt to improve my photo-shopping skills. Throughout the process I kept mentally referring back to images I’d seen in magazines. This is when I should have stopped, closed the image, and continued watching Parks and Recreation. However, I continued. When I thought the image had achieved a quality that retained some level of the natural image, I decided the image was finished. The problem with unconscious nit-picking is that there is no stopping if it goes unchecked. I continued to think of other ways to make myself “look better.” When I finally stopped. I looked back at the original image and instantly hated myself. I did not hate myself because of the way I looked in the beginning, but because I allowed myself to continue. 

NEVER Photoshop yourself and be cautious about shopping other people.