The Temporary
Architecture student by misguidance. Some of the pictures were taken by me. Read deeper, make connections, and you may discover a little of me.

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In the heat of the moment i let my ego lead, pulling my freed and light spirit down by tying it along to their every word. I had to be patient with my reactions and feelings. My ego jumped ahead, and i suffered through it. I tried to avoid the feelings and lift myself but my attempts only focused more on my negative thoughts. I didn’t let it bypass. I reflect days later trying to find an escape from this guarded ego that has tied my spirit to this unforgotten moment. Now it relishes itself in this opportunity to blame others, while I struggle to make peace.

I always find it interesting how quick we are to believe that the glimpse we see of someone is their entire being. We render a life that is in the process of constant change and evolution into a static idea we frame in our heads.
— Indigo Williams (via thestufflifeismadeof)

(via kameelahwrites)


Mirela Pindjak, Existing as a Shadow

Dance, 1931, Erika Giovanna Klien. Austrian (1900 - 1957)
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Its like Duchamp’s “Nude Descending the Stairs”
A piece of one of my favorite pics from Korea #reflections #layers #korea #realityvsillusion #accurate
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